Educators, public journey to the STEMosphere

On March 29, the College of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis hosted Share Fair, which was a two-part program for STEM educators and the public. The first part, STEMosphere, was open to the public and over 2,000 community participants were exposed to over 30 STEM-related exhibits.

These exhibits ranged from robotics from the Technology Learning Center at the University’s College of Education, to 3-D printing from the St. Louis Science Center, to river science and conservation by the Missouri Department of Conversation, to the science of sound in music, and allied health applications such as Nursing and Veterinary  Sciences. STEMISPHERE 3 The second part was designed as professional development for K-12 science teachers and held concurrently with STEMosphere.

Nearly 600 teachers from throughout the region registered for this segment. These full day workshops centered around STEM topics of interest to teachers, including how to flip your science classroom, iOS and Web applications for classrooms, challenges of the Common Core, demystifying science and math for all students, and building and managing collaborative science labs for online and hybrid courses. STEMISPHERE 2

“This is one of the best day of professional development I’ve ever experienced,” one teacher said after the day was over.  “It was an excellent opportunity for teachers and the community to come together for a full day of STEM learning and engaging in age-appropriate science projects,” said Clark Hickman, Associate Dean of the UMSL College of Education. “It was magical to see kids’ and their parents’ eyes light up as they explored and discovered science principles and how learning about science and math can be interesting and fun.”

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