STEM Pipeline Data: Is Missouri leaking?

In 2005, Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt put forth a charge to engage more students in STEM education and afterschool activities.  At the time, Missouri was just highlighted by national education research groups as being one of a handful of low performing states in Math and Science in grades 8th and 12th. It has been nearly eight years since the Governor’s report “A Call to Action for Missouri- Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science” was released outlining key baseline data for Pre-K through Workforce.   Members of the Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition are currently in the process of updating the baseline data for K-12, postsecondary, workforce and economic development indicators to see just how Missouri is fairing 8 years later in its ability to strengthen the STEM capacity of the state. An update on the state of STEM in Missouri is planned for late fall 2014, with follow up reports identifying key STEM pipeline issues by education sector and by industry clusters.  Look for future announcements on the release of these reports in mid to late fall.



data 1

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