STEM Excellence Pathway — Is your school on the right path?

Recently, the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA was charged with developing a rubric system that would allow schools and school districts to self-assess their integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum across disciplines, grade-levels and buildings to better engage students in STEM learning. The end result was the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway. The Pathway includes a self-assessment rubric as well as prioritization and action planning tools developed by K-12 educators, administrators, higher education educators, STEM project coordinators and with input from STEM industry representatives. The initiative started in Pittsburgh this fall out of the belief that school systems, individual schools, academic departments and individual teachers can improve their STEM education practices through a positive, collaborative approach.

carnegiesciencecenter_logoFueled by bagels and coffee at the US News and World Reports STEM Solutions conference in DC, Martha McCabe, STEM Manager, at KC STEM Alliance met with Alana Kulesa, Director of Strategic Education Initiative at Carnegie Science Center and began to brainstorm on how to bring this new rubric to Missouri schools. A plan came together to host a workshop for Kansas City area schools to learn more about the STEM Pathways Rubric. Sponsored by the KC STEM Alliance, Kulesa flew into Kanas City to facilitate a workshop for 28 school district teams from both Missouri and Kansas.

According to Kulesa, “The opportunity to partner beyond the southwestern Pennsylvania region was one we could not pass up! The Pathway is a model that we hope will be used nationally and we were delighted to work with districts in Kansas and Missouri and hope to engage other STEM intermediary organizations in other parts of the country.”

Since the KC workshop, the Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition has endorsed the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway as a solid initiative to further expand integration of STEM across the curriculum, schools and districts throughout Missouri. “The STEM Pathway will be a great opportunity for school and school district leadership to work across the education delivery model to address existing STEM integration work and to develop a practical plan for effective STEM education in the future.” Martha McCabe, KC STEM Alliance and a Coalition representative.

The Coalition, in partnership with the Carnegie Science Center, St. Louis Community College and Project Lead the Way will be hosting a STEM Excellence Workshop in St. Louis on Wednesday, February 11, 2014. The STEM Excellence Workshop will present on the STEM pathway rubric to increase school /district effectiveness in STEM education. The St. Louis workshop will focus on integrating STEM curriculum across disciplines, grade-levels and schools and be facilitated by Jason Brown, Director of Science and Education, Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA.

More information on the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway can be found at:


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